14. - 17.11.2017
Frankfurt am Main
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International exhibition and conference on the next generation of manufacturing technologies


10:30 Bernhard Langefeld, Roland Berger


Thursday, 16.11.2017, 10:30 - 11:00 hrs


10:30 Latest trends and markets developments in metal Additive Manufacturing
Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Langefeld, Roland Berger GmbH, Partner of Roland Berger, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
In metal 3D-printing new production technologies are arising beside laser and electron beam powder bed fusion. These technologies don't provide the same material performance and geometrical flexibility but offer significant lower cost and become therefore attractive for high(er) volume applications. As the build rates and cost for powder bed fusion by laser will not significantly decrease in the near future, Roland Berger believe that a variety of Additive Manufacturing technologies will exist in parallel addressing individual market niches and market price levels. Beside the speed of the printing process the overall efficiency along the entire value chain (design, printing and post processing) comes more into focus. Hear Bernhard Langefeld talk about the market analysis, latest trends and developments and the future differentiators in the metal 3D printing market.


Herr Dr. Bernhard Langefeld
Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Langefeld
Roland Berger GmbH, Partner of Roland Berger, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
Before joining the consulting business Bernhard worked as scientist at a research institute in the field of metal forming and as a forging process engineer in the automotive industry followed by positions as plant and project manager.

In 2005 Bernhard joined a British technology consulting firm with focus on the manufacturing and automotive industry and strong innovation and product development capabilities. Today he is partner at Roland Berger in the Competence Center "Engineered Products and High Tech". Focus of his activities is again in the field of manufacturing technologies and production performance improvement. Key clients are the manufacturers of long life cycle products such as power generation equipment, aero-turbines, aerospace and defense components, tool machines, heavy Diesel engines etc.
Focusing on this client group Bernhard and his team regularly analyze technical innovations and market trends for Additive Manufacturing (AM). The results have been summarized in several studies, e.g. "Additive Manufacturing - next generation", conference presentations and publications.
Throughout the last years the team supported various clients in developing their overall AM Strategy as well as their detailed AM Industrialization Strategy and in analyzing M&A and market opportunities. Further Bernhard is a production specialist for the topics of Digitalization and Industrie 4.0, which are very closely linked to AM. He graduated at the RWTH Aachen in production technology and prepared his Dr.-Ing. thesis in the field of metal forming.