14. - 17.11.2017
Frankfurt am Main
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Session Healthcare - Stage 1

13:45 Luis Ignacio Suárez Rios, Fundación PRODINTEC


Wednesday, 15.11.2017, 13:45 - 14:15 hrs


13:45 Lithography Based Ceramic Manufacturing technology for 3D printed objects in the medical field
Luis Ignacio Suárez Rios, Fundación PRODINTEC, Project Manager, Gijón Asturias, Spanien
The presentation focuses on the application of 3D printed components, using Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing technology, in the medical and implant sector. It is common to use implantable components, made of materials with low affinity to native bone material, like metal. Ceramic materials, on the other hand, present barriers on their associate processing, that heavily restricts the production of high-complexity 3D structures. In the clinical context of implants, it is pivotal to rely on a tailor-made design, which could fit the specific pathology found in different patients. This is to obtain an optimum constrain of the implant-part and, hence, to guarantee a successful proliferation of new bone tissue. This is why joining the operative advantages of 3D printing technologies, with the intrinsic properties of ceramic materials, might be a disruptive change into this field of application.


Mr. Luis Ignacio Suárez Rios
Luis Ignacio Suárez Rios
Fundación PRODINTEC, Project Manager, Gijón Asturias, Spanien
Luis Suárez Ríos is Industrial Engineer with intensification in Manufacturing Process Engineering, by the University of Oviedo (2011). He has collaborated with the research group of this department in the development of advanced techniques for characterization of surfaces associated with specific manufacturing techniques. In 2012, he joined the team of Fundación Prodintec as researcher in advanced manufacturing technologies, focusing his professional development on Additive Manufacturing for plastic and metallic materials, as well as multi-material Micro Manufacturing technologies. His experience involves research works in manufacturing-related congresses, contributions in informational and scientific articles, as well as presentations and lectures of various kinds. In addition, Luis Suárez actively participates in multiple R&D projects in national and international domains, focused on Additive Manufacturing, coordinating technical work in the framework of these.