14. - 17.11.2017
Frankfurt am Main
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Session Business for AM - Stage 2

13:45 Stefana Karevska, Ernst&Young


Tuesday, 14.11.2017, 13:45 - 14:15 hrs


13:45 Innovative value chains with additive manufacturing - a global view on the state of the art technology application and expected future trends
Stefana Karevska, Ernst & Young GmbH, Manager, Mannheim, Deutschland
While additive manufacturing is popular among many companies, there is a lack of information on the level of its adoption by the industry or on its performance expectations. In order to provide a comprehensive overview on this state of the art technology, and on its expected developments, "EY's Global 3D printing Report 2016" has been published. This report summarizes the opinions of 900 surveyed decision makers from 12 countries and 9 industries like aerospace, automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, and medical. This presentation not only discusses the findings but also focuses on examining whether the AM industry is ready to eliminate challenges, like high costs, to expand the application of AM.


Frau Stefana Karevska
Stefana Karevska
Ernst & Young GmbH, Manager, Mannheim, Deutschland
Stefana Karevska is a manager at EY and is one of their key SMRs on additive manufacturing. She brings over 7 years of consulting experience in the area of manufacturing and operational excellence. For the past two years, the focus of her work surrounded additive manufacturing and its impact on manufacturing companies. She provides information on new technology developments to many businesses and improves their AM positioning strategy. Furthermore, Stefana helps many corporations to identify the areas of AM application and quantifies the impact of AM on the supply chains and business models. She is a co-author of EY's Global 3D printing Report 2016, entitled, "How will 3D printing make your company the strongest link in the value chain". "If 3D Printing has changed the industries tomorrow, how your organization can get ready today?" is another EY Paper that has benefited from Stefana's knowledge and her co-writing involvement.