14. - 17.11.2017
Frankfurt am Main
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Session Materials & Process - Stage 2

16:00 Geoffrey Lumay, University of Liege


Thursday, 16.11.2017, 15:30 - 16:00 hrs


15:30 Measuring powder flow properties to optimize powder-bed-based additive manufacturing processes
Geoffrey Lumay, University of Liege, Associante Professor, Liege, Belgien
To obtain thin and homogenous layers in powder-bed-based Additive Manufacturing processes, a compromise between grain size and flowability has to be found. Unfortunately, when the grain size decreases, the cohesiveness increases and the flowability decreases. This presentation reviews three complementary measurement methods which characterise the flow of powders used in AM. Firstly, the powder rheology, with an instrument based on the rotating drum, process is investigated. Secondly, the packing fraction dynamics, with an improved tapped density measurement device, is assessed. Thirdly, powder electrostatic properties and a recently developed powder, called triboelectrometer, is examined. In addition, this presentation also provides an in-depth analysis of plastic and metallic powders commonly used in AM processes in combination with the flow measurement methods.


Mr. Geoffrey Lumay
Geoffrey Lumay
University of Liege, Associante Professor, Liege, Belgien
Geoffroy Lumay is associate professor (Soft Matter Physics chair) at University of Liege in Belgium. He has presented a PhD thesis regarding behaviour of vibrated granular materials in 2007. This fundamental study was the starting point of a series of research projects in the field of Soft Matter Physics at the intersection between fundamental sciences and industrial applications. Currently, he is leading research projects in collaboration with pharmaceutical, chemical and metallurgical industries. He is teaching both basic and advanced physics to students in engineering, agronomy and pharmaceutical sciences. He co-founded the company GranuTools developing, producing and commercializing a range of laboratory instruments dedicated to powder characterization. He has published 48 papers in the peer-reviewed journals with a total of 565 citations during a period of 10 years.