14. - 17.11.2017
Frankfurt am Main
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International exhibition and conference on the next generation of manufacturing technologies


Session Consumer & Industrial Products - Stage 1

14:30 Marie Jurisch, Fraunhofer IFAM


Thursday, 16.11.2017, 14:30 - 15:00 hrs


14:30 Areas of Application and Boundaries of Additively Manufactured Tool Inserts
Dipl.-Ing. Marie Jurisch, Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden, Research Assistant, Dresden, Deutschland
The integration of additive manufacturing technologies within tooling can comprise a wide field from complex contouring parts to the involvement of functions like cooling channels. Thus, depending on the application, larger structures as well as finest geometries, e. g. for variothermic processing of contour-following channels, are necessary. These requirements may only be fulfilled by the targeted or combined use of different additive manufacturing methods as a complement to conventional production. Therefore, it is important to know the limits and to combine the advantages. Parameters like part or feature sizes, surface quality as well as design limits and materials are to be focused. This presentation will address the comparison of the boundary conditions of suitable additive manufacturing technologies and a derivation of applications.


Frau Marie Jurisch
Dipl.-Ing. Marie Jurisch
Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden, Research Assistant, Dresden, Deutschland
Marie Jurisch has a diploma in mechanical engineering from TU Dresden and has been working as a research assistant at Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials (IFAM) since 2011, working in the field of electron beam melting. She currently doing a PhD on the topic of powder metallurgy of titanium and titanium alloys by 3D screen printing.