26. - 28.06.2018
Frankfurt am Main
Exhibition and 113th Annual General Meeting of the pulp, paper and supplier industry as well as fiber based materials

Vistors statements on ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2017

ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2017 was absolutely worth a visit due to its broad range of actual topics, technologies and market trends presented and discussed. A particular highlight was the Cellulose Symposium with its broad lecture program and international speakers - a highly appreciated part of the overall event!

Borregaard AS, Norway
Jörn-B. Pannek, PhD, Business Development Manager

ZELLCHEMING-Expo continues to improve from year to year. It is a perfect place to meet earlier known people and establish new business contacts. The event covers all areas in the pulp & paper industry and makes it possible to find the right solutions almost for every party.

Cenmia Oy
Vitaly Manikainen, Projects and Sales, Manager

Broaden horizon, discover new trends, and find new partners.

China Technical Association of Paper Industry
Yang Yang, Engineer

Great! The size of ZELLCHEMING-Expo is perfect for one day. You can find better opportunities to know providers, than in comparison with "Huge" Fairs where everything is in a rush.

EUR L.O. Trading GmbH
Pedro Arroyave, Business Development - Logistic

I thoroughly enjoyed this trade show because I was able to increase my knowledge on the different technologies of the industry as well as establish new industry contacts.

Extrade Consulting
Jamel Pee, Export Consultant

ZELLCHEMING-Expo was such an excellent exhibition with so many proposals and solutions that I would advise everyone involving to papermaking industry to visit it next year.

Georgios Papailiou, Chemical Engineer

Perfect matchmaking event in Germany and close to Finland.

Mikko Vanska, Business Development Manager

ZELLCHEMING-Expo was a very well organized show were we were able to meet the right persons in the right subjects. Thank you!

WillTech Shanghai
Guofeng Wu, CEO