26. - 28.06.2018
Frankfurt am Main
Exhibition and 113th Annual General Meeting of the pulp, paper and supplier industry as well as fiber based materials

Partner and host

ZELLCHEMINGPaper is the future – even if there are millennia of tradition lying behind it. The chemical pulp and paper industry is more alive now than ever before, growing and delivering solutions for assignments in many different sectors.

Right in the heart of all the action in Germany, Europe and the world, the ZELLCHEMING association acts as a technical-scientific association for the forest-based industries. Established in 1905, the association of the pulp- and paper- chemists and engineers is the oldest tecnical/academic association of this branch worldwise.

It is an active partner in the network of worldwide fellow associations, the institutes of higher education, research establishments and industry. The goal of the association is the get-together of the industry to exchange knowledge. At the same time, he offers the whole spectrum of current topics for the paper industry.

From the fiber up to the refinement, the whole process is represented:

  • Paper variety
  • Paper applications, paper usage
  • Research and development, also in the area pf paper chemistry
  • Pulp production, paper production
  • Engineering and plant construction
  • Measuring and control technology
  • Business efficiency, economics
  • Ecology, recycling-cycles, potential for saving water, energy
  • Law, media, contact to public authorities, associations, organizations
  • Special attention is payed on on economical use of water, energy as well as with utilities and auxiliaries.

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