Service on site

Restaurants and snack points

The restaurants and snack points open during the exhibition. They can be found in our exhibition guide, available at various information points on site.


Lockers and cloakrooms

You can find lockers at all entrance areas. You can hand in coats, jackets or bags at the cloakrooms free of charge at any time.


Job board

You will find our job board in Hall 3, booth 3-650.


Free WiFi access

Instructions for free WiFi:

  1. Connect to the network NuernbergMesse_Wi-Fi.
  2. Start browser and visit any website. You will be redirected to the Wi-Fi portal.
  3. Select your language.
  4. Choose 'WLAN packages' via navigation keys and click 'Use free account'.
  5. Accept terms of use and click 'Login'.

Cash dispenser

You can withdraw cash at any time with EC (debit) card and major credit cards at cash dispensers located at 'Entrance Mitte' and 'Entrance Ost'.


First aid

In the event of an emergency, we are here to help you: First aid can be found in the Operation Center (Entrance 'Mitte') and in the Entrance 'Ost'.


Lost & found

Lost/found items can be picked up/dropped off in the facility office (Entrance 'Mitte' and/or Entrance 'Ost').


Room of silence

During the exhibition, an oratory is open for all religious denominations in the passage of halls 2/4/5.  


Trade press

Free of charge copies of journals of the industry can be found at the trade press stand in hall 3A booth number 160.