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About us

AmpereSoft is your competent and innovative solution partner for the process-oriented planning, engineering and manufacturing support of power distribution systems and automation systems.

Profit from our many years of experience and specialist know-how.

We can provide you with vendor independent, proven and process-oriented software tools, and advise you on all aspects of how to optimize your processes for master data management.

Our engineering tools optimize your engineering processes, starting from the offering through the detail engineering up to manufacturing and maintenance.

The AmpereSoft ToolSystem provides you with the essential platform for the smooth running of the process chain, helps you to create your documentation according to DIN EN 61439 as well as IEC EN 81346 and manage extensive technical data and verification documents.

Product groups


DataServices - Product data getting sharp
Data maintenance and data management for manufacturers We support manufacturers with mass data maintenance and transfer of data between different classification systems and versions (e.g. ETIM, eCl@ss Advanced). With automated processes, we significantly accelerate the maintenance process and achieve results in line with market conditions faster. Optimisation of data quality Thanks to our experience of many years in the area of data maintenance as well as with the use of the data in web shops and with the automated engineering in CAE systems, we can give you valuable advices how to achieve competitive data quality. Preparing electronic catalogues (BMEcat) The preparing of electronic catalogues in BMEcat format you get done flexibly by yourself with our tool MatClass or we support you if required, including data quality checks. Thus, your standardised product data reliably get to the market. Process support and consulting AmpereSoft is an authorized eCl@ss Service Provider. In CAx work groups we are working on standardization together with other leading CAE manufacturers. Profit from our many years of experience in product data maintenance and its efficient use in ERP and CAE systems for an automated engineering process.
AmpereSoft ProPlan - The user-friendly CAE system for your electrical documentation
ProPlan enables you to create structured circuit diagrams, layout drawings, general arrangement plans, terminal tables and parts lists with integrated verification documentation according to DIN EN 61439-1 and IEC EN 81346. Ensure the quality of your documentation and reduce your engineering time with seamless object orientation and consistent material binding in all plan types and forms. The bidirectional and freely configurable XML interface enables you to modify forms simply as well as providing flexible communication with other systems. The powerful material databases in MatClass help you to select equipment and macros quickly. The integration into the ToolSystem allows the smooth transfer of the projects from the configuration and costing as well as the use of the project data for automated production. These include e.g. the autorouting for the cable assembly and the data transfer to drilling machines. Moreover, ProPlan enables the easy carryover of assignment lists from or to the PLC as well as the use of your project data for the calculation of the warming in the switchgear with the Temperature Calculator. Our software tool, the AmpereSoft ToolDataManager, gives you optimum support for managing your ProPlan projects. With ToolDataManager, you search fast and easy the required AmpereSoft ProPlan project in selectable directory structure (local/network) under using of project properties, texts, symbol names and material properties (e.g. Type, Ident Ref.). Take advantage of the effective mass management for i.a. a material and symbol import, archiving and compressing as well as the output of the selected ProPlan projects (e.g. PDF, DXF). The uncomplicated operation by drag & drop simplifies the opening and creating of projects, if required under use of a template project. The ProPlan CAE system thus makes a key contribution to the smooth running of your process chain.
AmpereSoft MatClass - Comfortable data maintenance Advanced
Your optimized engineering process: As an independent material and performance catalog system, MatClass is the decisive contribution to the smooth running of the processes in your company. The detailed technical information in the eCl@ss Advanced structure describes a product so precisely that tasks in the engineering process, such as symbol creation, wire routing and temperature calculation, can be automated with the help of the software. Distribute product data - in a standardized format: Standardized classification systems such as eCl@ss and ETIM are the foundation for the common language between a wide variety of software systems. Numerous, customizable formats, such as BMEcat and Excel, simplify the data exchange with business partners and internal systems. Efficient bulk maintenance for your product master data: The clear presentation of product information in MatClass ensures efficient maintenance and easy administration. Comfortable functions facilitate mass management of commercial, technical, multimedia as well as classification data. Consistency in the process with the AmpereSoft ToolSystem: MatClass is the tool-wide basis for the effective use of standardized data in the AmpereSoft ToolSystem. Whether in sales, design, purchasing, work preparation, warehousing or production - the material master data are available throughout the process. The MatClass material and performance catalog system thus makes a key contribution to the smooth running of your process chain.
AmpereSoft RoutingAssistant - Your CAE independent routing system
The RoutingAssistant is the ideal addition in the manufacturing preparation to your CAE system for process optimization. Parts list and wiring list from your CAE system can be read into the AmpereSoft RoutingAssistant via a configurable import interface. With a single click you can carry out the routing, optimize the wiring, and add any missing connections (even without a circuit diagram!). Wiring features such as (wire color, wire cross section etc.) can naturally be added and edited prior to routing. Your benefit: Any drilling and cutting information included in the general assembly plan can be output in DXF format and used for setting up automatic drilling and cutting machines. The AmpereSoft RoutingAssistant can process the routing data exported from your CAE system and can output a file format that can be read by your wire assembly machine. If you do not yet have a CAE system or wish to change, you can use the AmpereSoft RoutingAssistant as an add-on to our AmpereSoft ProPlan CAE system. This offers the considerable benefit that changes in the routing procedure are automatically transferred to the documentation (circuit diagram, lists, etc.). The routing system RoutingAssistant thus makes a key contribution to the smooth running of your process chain.
AmpereSoft QuotationAssistant - Efficiently to the complete quotation
The QuotationAssistant supports you by the quick preparing of quotations as well as of tenders balanced to the demands of the electrical industry. The extensive functions allow the quick preparing of simple quotations up to the calculation of extensive tenders. Use the helpful import function for GAEB files to treat public tenders. The formats X81, X82, X83, P81, P82, P83, D81, D82, D83 can be imported. After finalizing your quotation, simply export to GAEB format X84, P84 or D84. Apart from the direct material costs, QuotationAssistant considers direct wage costs and share of wage cost as well as indirect costs and surcharges including material surcharges. In addition to the output of the quotations and calculations the possibility exists to export sum and single part lists. Thus, in case of order, the transfer of material data from your quotation to your CAE system for detailed engineering can be done without much effort. The quotation tool QuotationAssistant thus makes a key contribution to the smooth running of your process chain.
AmpereSoft TemperatureCalculator - verifications of heating according to DIN EN 61439-1
With the CAE independent and cross-manufacturer AmpereSoft TemperatureCalculator you produce standard-compliant proofs for the warming in the switchgear according to DIN EN 61439-1 (IEC 61439-1). In DIN EN 61439-1 it is distinguish between two calculation methods: System rated current (InA) lower-equal 630A comparison of the cabinet heat loss ability to the at the same time effective, installed power loss. System rated current (InA) lower-equal 1600A temperature calculation (according IEC 60890) TemperatureCalculator covers both calculation methods by the possibility to create and manage electrical circuit and location structure. By simply import of your Excel file, material data of a parts list are automatically compared with the MatClass material databases and the calculation relevant data from the standardized eCl@ss ADVANCED structure of the manufacturer databases, and are taken over into the TemperatureCalculator as well as the structure of installation, location and electrical circuit. Your calculation possibility is completed by the integration of your own material data in the databases. A significant part of the warming in the switchgear is caused by the wiring. This information is implemented and considered in the calculation. In the TemperatureCalculator the following objects with their properties are distinguished: Switchgear assembly, Cabinet, Device, Busbar, Cable, Wire, Terminal Strip, Terminal. Only by an equipment-related and load-dependent calculation with provable data (source), a real flawless proof of the warming in the switchgear assembly can be produced. The TemperatureCalculator guarantees this with its detailed calculation and the output of an automatically generated proof document including equipment list! The warming calculation tool TemperatureCalculator thus makes a key contribution to the smooth running of your process chain.
AmpereSoft Configurator
In a matter of minutes you can create quotations and documentation for your extensive switch cabinet systems and complex products with the Configurator. Thanks to manufacturer-specific rules, you use the complete product know-how for the Error-free configuration. You are provided with an automatically generated parts list and graphic displays. In this way, the AmpereSoft Configurator supports you with the easy and reliable configuration of your system and components in only a few steps. The integration in the ToolSystem allows the direct transfer of the project data for cost estimating as well as the further processing in ProPlan for the standardized detail engineering. The Configurator thus makes a key contribution to the smooth running of your process chain.


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