28. - 30.11.2017
SPS IPC Drives 2017
Electric Automation - Systems and Components


Press Releases

1. International platform to showcase cutting-edge technologies from the automation industry
12.09.2017, English

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2. New hall to open at Europe's leading exhibition for Electric Automation
28.08.2017, English

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3. Software & IT industry to showcase automation solutions for the first time in dedicated hall
22.08.2017, English

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4. New chair on SPS IPC Drives exhibitor advisory board
20.06.2017, English

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5. SPS IPC Drives 2016: Automation industry gathering draws even larger international audience
07.02.2017, English

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Facts, figures and presentations

1. Analysis SPS IPC Drives 2016
07.02.2017, English

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Please be aware that the exhibitor numbers of SPS IPC Drives 2016 have changed afterwards.