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Amorph Systems GmbH

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Amorph Systems GmbH
Handwerkstr. 29
70565 Stuttgart

Phone: +49-711-672-9122
Fax: +49-711-2295-4593

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Amorph Systems provides advanced IT solutions to monitor and control logistic processes in the most efficient way. The Amorph Systems solution focus follows the steps of Advanced Resource Integration, Data Collection, Transformation, Visualization, Analysis and Forecasting.

The product Smart Unifier provides scalable connectivity to all your Shopfloor ressources for an overall interoperability towards Industry 4.0.

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Products SmartUnifier
The SmartUnifier is a powerful and easy to use IT-Integration Platform. If you, as OEM or equipment supplier, have the need to integrate production equipment and IOT devices to upperlevel manufacturig IT-systems (e.g. MES, ERP, DataLake, Analytics), then our AMORPH.I40 Smart Unifier is, what you require. FEATURES //FAST EQUIPMENT AND DEVICE ADAPTATION //MULTI CHANNEL COMMUNICATION //HIGH PERFORMANCE / LOW LATENCY //EASY INFORMATION MAPPING //CENTRAL CONFIGURATION //DATA LAKE AND ANALYTICS SUPPORT USE CASES // PRODUCTION-IT INTEGRATION // INTEGRATION OF LEGACY EQUIPMENT // ENABLER OF INTERNET OF THINGS // HEALTH MONITORING SUPPORT // REMOTE MAINTENANCE SUPPORT // MIGRATION TO INDUSTRY 4.0


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