05. - 07.06.2018
PCIM Europe 2018
Power Electronics | Intelligent Motion | Renewable Energy | Energy Management


Statements conference speakers PCIM Europe

As a regular PCIM Europe participant over the past few years, I have consistently found that this conference provides excellent treatments of developing trends in the demand for power electronics in keynote expositions, verbal paper presentations and poster exhibits for conference and exhibition attendees. The conference recognizes the high-caliber efforts of people in the field. Attendees and contributors range from young engineers engaged in design and research to experienced innovators in both the academic and professional fields. It is not all work - with finely planned and resourced social events that encourage networking in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The seminars and tutorials are world class events.

Vicor Corporation
David Bourner, Senior Field Applications Engineer, USA

In my opinion, PCIM Europe is one of the best conferences in this field of study.

University of Siegen
Van Trang Phung, PhD Student, Germany

PCIM Europe covers the entire range of topics in the field of power electronics and shows the participants the actual state of the art in research.

University of Siegen
Cristian Vargas, Research Assistant, Germany

At PCIM Europe Conference, you meet the entire power electronics industry and see the latest technologies. It gives participants a really nice overview of what is out there and what the future brings.

Aalborg University
Paula Diaz Reigosa, PhD Student, Denmark

PCIM Europe is always very exciting because we see all the current and future trends in power electronics. PCIM Europe to me means power electronics, engineering and meeting friends form the industry from all over the world.

Actia Automotive SA
Timothé Rossignol, Hardware Designer, France

I recommend PCIM Europe to all young engineers and PhD students willing to present their research to a friendly audience in a pleasant atmosphere.

Technical University of Sofia
Stoyan Vuchev, PhD Student, Bulgaria

PCIM Europe is a great opportunity to communicate my research and to get inspired from experts around the globe.

University of Bayreuth
Marco Denk, Research Associate, Germany

PCIM provides great insights into the field of power electronics and their emerging trends. Very good place for networking with peers.

Infineon Technologies America
Rajeev Krishna Vytla, Staff Engineer, USA

PCIM Europe is definitly one of the best events for all power electronics designers. This is the 2nd time that I have been to this event and the conference kept its high paper quality, high management/arrangement efficiency and nice presentations made by all authors. This event allows me to give a wide vision on what the other colleagues are doing, which trends we have currently on power electronics, and moreover, to get to know new people in this domain.

Gang Yang, Power Electronics Team Leader, France

PCIM Europe 2015 was the only place to meet our customers, suppliers, competitors and colleagues under the same roof.

ABB Switzerland, Ltd. Semiconductors
Jan Vobecky, Principal Engineer, Switzerland

PCIM Europe is probably the best gathering of industrial and academic experts in the field of power electronics and magnetics for power electronics applications. I always prefer to publish the research work and new development of my company at PCIM as this is the forum that gives the best feedback, comments while demonstrating more potential use of our new findings.

Carroll & Meynell Transformers Ltd
Kapila Warnakulasuriya, United Kingdom

Nuremberg is a city of great importance in power electronics. Famous professors, researchers, exhibitors and manufacturers participate annually in the Nuremberg PCIM events. Actually, it becomes the Mecca of power-electronics engineers. Recently, young engineers are strongly motivated to present outstanding and innovative researches because the nominated young engineers and best papers award are utterly honored during the events [...] In addition, PCIM is also offering a huge opportunity for networking while participants can interact with manufacturers, meeting colleagues, and discuss a special topic with somebody who works in the same field.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, EPFL
Martel Tsirinomeny, PhD Student, Switzerland

Top Conference in the field of Power Conversion with the reference exhibition in the topic.

University Valencia
Enrique J. Dede, Professor, Spain

It does not matter if you are an academic or a business man, you can meet with both technology and innovation at PCIM and start thinking differently.

University of Naples
Domenico Cavaiuolo, PhD Student, Italy

The most relevant conference for the practicing design engineer.

Bruce Carsten Associates, Inc.
Bruce Carsten, President, USA

PCIM is the event of the year for all people involved in power electronics.

Serge Bontemps, R&D Director, France

Liebherr Elektronik GmbH
Sebastian Liebig, Germany

PCIM is a good platform to share information on current and new products, to discuss face to face important details, to meet optimal cross points between customer requirements and producer specifications. These are driver forces for innovations and inventions. Moreover, PCIM gives opportunities to share studying and development results on close to fundamental level topics. Very good sessions organizing allows to get interesting and usefull discussions on the topics.

Victor Andoralov, Engineer electrochemist, Sweden

PCIM is a good occasion to meet all the electronic community from all the prospectives: the academic ones and the industrial ones.

ON Semiconductor
Vittorio Crisafulli, Principal Application Engineer, Germany

High quality conference bringing all the experts together in the field of power electronics and control. It includes the presence of all big players in the field.

ABB Switzerland Ltd
Vinoth Kumar Sundaramoorthy, Senior Scientist, Switzerland

The PCIM has become a worldwide leading conference in application oriented power electronics.

TU Chemnitz
Josef Lutz, Professor, Germany