05. - 07.06.2018
PCIM Europe 2018
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Tutorial 8

Reliability Engineering in Power Electronic Systems


Monday, 04.06.2018, 09:00 - 17:00 hrs


Arvena Park Hotel Nuremberg, Görlitzer Str. 51, 90473 Nuremberg


09:00 Reliability Engineering in Power Electronic Systems
Dr. Frede Blaabjerg, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Dänemark
Prof. Huai Wang, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Dänemark
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Francesco Iannuzzo, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Dänemark
In many mission-critical applications of energy conversions such as renewables, industry, electric vehicles, and aircrafts, etc., power electronics should be extremely reliable and robust to avoid high cost of failures. In order to meet this challenging requirement, there is an ongoing paradigm shift in this field from the statistics-based assessment to the physic-of-failures based analysis. In this shift, the stress and strength models of the power electronics systems need to be accurately built, and both factors are closely related to the operating conditions or mission profiles of the whole systems. These mission profiles will involve multi-disciplinary knowledge and new engineering approaches for the design of reliability performances.

In this tutorial, the paradigm shifts in reliability research on power electronics as well as some reliability engineering concepts are first introduced. Afterwards some basics about reliability engineering are presented, followed by a specific section on abnormal condition testing, and another one on condition monitoring and active thermal control. Based on these results, a series of new modelling and control concepts are given to evaluate/improve the reliability performances of power electronics systems considering mission profiles with several examples on renewable energy and motor drives. Finally, the tutorial will also present the views of the instructors on the future research opportunities in reliability of power electronics.

The approaches presented in the tutorial are also the common interest for the companies involved in the Center of Reliable Power Electronics (CORPE) at Aalborg University.

Table of Contents:

Towards reliable power electronics
- Motivations, field experiences and challenges
- Ongoing paradigm shift in reliability research
- Design for reliability concept

Introduction to reliability basics
- Reliability basics, Weibull distribution, Failure rates, Bx lifetime, Reliability block diagrams
- Concepts of FMEA, HALT, CALT, Six sigma design, etc.
- Mission profiles and case studies

Reliability prediction of power electronic converters - case studies
- Six-step system-level reliability prediction approach for power electronic converters
- Reliability prediction for model based power electronic converter design
- CORPE Design for Reliability and Robust (DfR2) tool platform for case studies

Condition monitoring and active thermal control for improved reliability
- Basics ideas and control freedoms
- Thermal measurement and monitoring
- Control under normal operations of converter
- Control under severe and abnormal conditions

Abnormal condition testing basics for power electronic components
- Impact of severe and abnormal events on the reliability performances
- Basic of instabilities and related phenomena
- Instabilities during short circuit of IGBTs
- Non-destructive testing technique and setups

Future Research Opportunities in Reliability of Power Electronics

Who should attend?
Engineers or researchers in power electronics design and testing with interest in improving reliability performance. Beginners as well as experienced engineers are both welcome. Focus is more on the reliability engineering including testing and modelling aspects from components to system level.


Speaker detail

Professor Frede Blaabjerg
Dr. Frede Blaabjerg
Aalborg University, Aalborg, Dänemark
Frede Blaabjerg is currently a Professor with the Department of Energy Technology and the Director of Center of Reliable Power Electronics (CORPE), Aalborg University, Denmark. He has intensive research work on power electronics and its applications in motor drives, wind turbines, PV systems, harmonics, and the reliability of power electronic systems. He has held more than 300 lectures national and international, most of them in the last decade are invited and as keynotes at conferences, covering various topics on power electronics, including the reliability. He has contributed more than 350 journal papers. Among other awards, Dr. Blaabjerg received the IEEE William E. Newell Power Electronics Award in 2014.
Professor Francesco Iannuzzo
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Francesco Iannuzzo
Aalborg University, Aalborg, Dänemark
Francesco Iannuzzo is currently a Professor of Reliable Power Electronics at the Aalborg University, Denmark, and CORPE (Center of Reliable Power Electronics). His research interests are in the field of reliability of power devices, including against cosmic rays, power device failure modelling and testing of power modules under extreme conditions. He has contributed more than 160 journal and conference papers in the field. Prof. Iannuzzo was the Technical Chair in two editions of ESREF, the European Symposium on Reliability and Failure analysis, and is the ESREF 2018 general chair.
Professor Huai Wang
Prof. Huai Wang
Aalborg University, Aalborg, Dänemark
Huai Wang is currently an Associate Professor with the Center of Reliable Power Electronics (CORPE), Aalborg University, Denmark. His research addresses the fundamental challenges in modelling and validation of power electronic component failure mechanisms, and application issues in system-level predictability, circuit architecture, and robustness design, and condition monitoring. Prof. Wang received the IEEE PELS Richard.