05. - 07.06.2018
PCIM Europe 2018
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Seminar 4

Latest Trends in Magnetic Technologies for High Efficiency and High Power Density


Sunday, 03.06.2018, 14:00 - 17:30 hrs


Arvena Park Hotel Nuremberg, Görlitzer Str. 51, 90473 Nuremberg


14:00 Latest Trends in Magnetic Technologies for High Efficiency and High Power Density
Dr. Ionel Dan Jitaru, Rompower, Tuscon, Arizona, USA
The seminar will present a comprehensive overview of the modern magnetic technologies presently used in power conversion and new trends in magnetics aimed to address the new demands in power conversion. In the quest for higher power densities and higher efficiency magnetic technologies were forced to adapt and then new magnetic structures were developed.

The seminar will start by presenting several key characteristics of magnetic transformers such as leakage inductance, stray inductance, inter-winding and intra-winding capacitances and their impact in power conversion performance. Methods of measuring and controlling these parasitic elements are also presented.
The seminar will present the most suitable magnetic technology for different topologies designed to enhance the efficiency and power density.
A chapter is dedicated to quasi integrated and integrated magnetics and methods of calculating and simulating such structures. Magnetic structures wherein two independent power trains are placed on the same standard magnetic core without interference will also be presented. Magnetic technologies for specific applications such very high current will be presented together with experimental results.

A chapter is dedicated to models for simulating the magnetics in a circuit using Spice. Another chapter is presenting magnetics for wireless power with very high efficency exeeding 97%. The seminar will also show some present and future trends in magnetics for higher frequency operation.
A chapter will be dedicated to the new trends in magnetic technology for very high efficiency applications. These new magnetic technologies are compatible with the latest technologies in power conversion aimed at very high efficiency and very high power density. The seminar will address different applications ranging from very high density and very high efficiency AC-DC power adapters to the multiple KW DC-DC converters and Power Factor Correction modules.
The presentation will be highlighted with design guidance, design example and experimental results, such as 99.6% efficiency transformer for 99% efficiency DC-DC Converters.


Speaker detail

Dr. Ionel Dan Jitaru
Dr. Ionel Dan Jitaru
Rompower, Tuscon, Arizona, USA
Ionel Dan Jitaru is the founder of Rompower Inc., later Ascom Rompower Inc. and Delta Energy Systems (Arizona) Inc., an internationally recognized engineering firm in the field of power conversion. Presently he is the president of Rompower Energy Systems Inc., an advance development company in Power Conversion Field. He has published 54 papers wherein several of them have received the best paper award, and held 46 professional seminars at different International Conferences in the power conversion Mr. Jitaru has pioneered several trends in power conversion technologies such as "PWM Soft switching", "Full integrated multilayer PCB Magnetic", "Synchronized rectification" and recently "True Soft Switching technologies" wherein the primary switchers turn on at zero voltage and the secondary switchers turn off at zero current. Some of these technologies have been covered by 62 intellectual properties wherein 29 are granted patents.