05. - 07.06.2018
PCIM Europe 2018
Power Electronics | Intelligent Motion | Renewable Energy | Energy Management


Seminar 1

Basics of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) of Power Systems


Sunday, 03.06.2018, 14:00 - 17:30 hrs


Arvena Park Hotel Nuremberg, Görlitzer Str. 51, 90473 Nuremberg


14:00 Basics of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) of Power Systems
Prof. Jacques Laeuffer, Dtalents, Paris, Frankreich
Fast semiconductors commutations are required for efficiency of high frequency (HF) power converters and drives, and their wide bandwidth control electronics. These sudden front edges generate perturbations in control circuits, and on public utility power networks.
Seminar shows step by step how perturbations propagate, as Differential Mode (DM) and Common Mode (CM), how to reduce noisy oscillations from the beginning, how to design and implement robust control electronics, how to calculate and optimize DM and CM filters for EMC standards compliance, how to avoid expensive shielding and improve reliability.
Number of practical designs are analytically calculated, showing orders of magnitudes for a wide range of powers and frequencies.

Introduction: Issues & Standards

DM in Control
- Resistive, inductive & capacitive coupling reduction.
- Reduction by ground planes.

DM in Power & Filters Design
- Switching power supply sequence as EMI source.
- Calculation of Disturbances from transistors & diodes.
- Measurement by L.I.S.N. and Spectrum Analyzer.
- DM Filter calculation, Design of L, C & R components.
- Some MHz perturbations evaluations. Reduction means.

CM in Control
- Between PCBs & between Cabinets. Electric & Optics.
- CM parasitic coupling calculation and reduction.
- Wiring & Layout evolution form "Star" to "Net".

CM in Power & Filters Design
- Calculation of Disturbances from CM capacitances:
- heatsinks, transformers, screens, electric machines stators.
- Measurement. CM Filter calculation.
- Leakage current constraint. CM coupled inductance design.

EMC Commutation Control of Power Semiconductors
- Tuning as a trade-off between switching losses & EMC.
- Control of di/dt and dv/dt front edges by gate drive.
- Gate drive circuit designs for MOS and IGBTs.

Radiations Reduction
- Examples of emissions of Electric & Magnetic Fields.
- Fields measurements and reduction.
- Neighbor Field & Far Field identification. Examples.
- Wiring, grounding, shielding, packaging.

Who should attend?
This course is targeted towards engineers, students or project managers, who design, specify, simulate, tune, or integrate high frequency power supplies, converters, EMC filters, electric machines, and intelligent motion, for high efficiency conversion, low global cost and high reliability.


Speaker detail

Professor Jacques Laeuffer
Prof. Jacques Laeuffer
Dtalents, Paris, Frankreich
Jacques Laeuffer has a 35 years' experience of R&D in Power Electronics, inside international Companies, with powers from 10 W up to 10 MW, including HF resonant converters and high voltage transformers, electric machines and inverters for hybrid cars... He is inventor of 27 granted patents and author of over 80 technical papers.
As a Consultant, his activities extend from one day consulting to several months' projects, including choices & design of conversion topologies, power components & electric machines sizing, EMC, digital control, industrial property, field support.
Affiliated Professor at Ensta-ParisTech, he teaches also at CentraleSupelec, France, and for inter and intra companies trainings, on former topics and also on mechatronics, cars powertrains, or "Experience and Innovation".