05. - 07.06.2018
PCIM Europe 2018
Power Electronics | Intelligent Motion | Renewable Energy | Energy Management


Statements conference delegates PCIM Europe

State of the art conference and exhibition on power electronics.

Kompa sp. z o.o.
Kamil Kompa, CEO, Poland

PCIM Europe is a one-stop shop for technical knowledge, market trends, customer attraction and valuable contacts. It was indeed a valuable experience.

On Semiconductor
Rajagopalan Jagannathan, Automotive Applications Engineer, Germany

Unique occasion to enhance your competences in power electronics.

University of Cantabria
Francisco J. Azcondo, Associate Professor, Spain

Power electronics today, tomorrow and in the future, all things are here.

Shin-ichi Nishizawa, Seniour Research Scientist, Japan

PCIM 2016 gave me lots of ideas and understanding about the market and possibilites regarding power electronics.

Husqvarna Construction Products
Robert Nyström, Electric Engineer, Sweden

A great mix of both academic techniques and industrial application.

Amantys Power Electronics
Dr. Rob Leedham, Senior Power Electronics Engineer, United Kingdom

PCIM is my best way to get up-to-date information about the evolutions of the power electronics discipline.

Bertrand Lacombe, Analog electronics and power supplies expert, France

Very good forum to keep abreast of technological developments and exchange views with others in the same and diverse engineering fields.

DYNEX Semiconductor Ltd
Dr Steve Jones, R&D TECHNOLOGY MANAGER, United Kingdom

PCIM is a good possibility to inform about the actual state of the art of power electronics and possibilities to use them in an optimal configuration.

Bombardier Transportation
Hans Krischer, Concept engineer, Germany

Thanks for making this kind of outstanding chance to look at the latest technology and information. It was really good chance to close to that kind of things.

Fairchild Semiconductor
Choonbae Park, Reliability Engineer, South Korea

Well prepared tutorials combined with a conference dealing with the state of the art of power electronics.

Nikolas Weber, Phd Student, Germany

PCIM is an excellent event to interchange technical information, find partners to develop your projects and socialize with colleagues.

University of Cantabria
Francisco Javier Azcondo, Professor, Spain

The PCIM Conference 2013 was as usual a real good source of information about recent developments and market trends as well. To my knowledge, there is no comparable event available for power electronics worldwide.

Peter Sontheimer, VP Strategic Business Development, Germany

Coming to PCIM this year allowed me to keep in touch with the present know how in power electronics and to share my experience with peers.

Gilles Lanfranchi, Senior Designer, France

The combination of tutorials, conference and exhibition meant that there was always something interesting to learn.

Altera Europe
Ben Jeppesen, Motor Control Specialist, United Kingdom