05. - 07.06.2018
PCIM Europe 2018
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10-year Award Jubilee

In 2017, the Best Paper Award and the three Young Engineer Awards were honoured for the tenth time.
Read here, what has become of the former award winners and what they say today about PCIM Europe.

Samuel Araujo       Samuel Araújo, Robert Bosch GmbH, D
Young Engineer Award winner 2013 

“The PCIM is the key conference in the field of power electronics in Europe, promoting cooperation and innovation by bringing the research community and industry close together.”  

Christian Felgemacher       Christian Felgemacher, ROHM, D
Young Engineer Award winner 2016

"PCIM Europe for me is an ideal opportunity to find out about developments and trends in the industry and for professional exchange." 

Stefan Hain

Stefan Hain, University of Bayreuth, D
Young Engineer Award winner 2016

"During the last years, the PCIM conference has developed into one of the most important conferences in the field of power electronics." 

Michael Heeb        Michael Heeb, Robert Bosch GmbH, D
Young Engineer Award winner 2009

"With its unique combination of exhibition and seminars the PCIM conference provides an unbeatable opportunity, not only to be informed about the current state of the art, but also to learn about future endeavors. As such, attendance at PCIM is essential."

Christoph Klarenbach       Christoph Klarenbach, Beckhoff, D
Young Engineer Award winner 2010

“Annually, the PCIM is a very important source of information in topics of power electronics for me. Within shortest time it is possible to have good conversations, deepen specific knowledge and get the latest status in power electronic technology. Additionally the combination of trade fair and congress is a real advantage.”

Johannes Kolb        Johannes Kolb, Schaeffler, D
Young Engineer Award winner 2011 + 2012

"For me, PCIM is one of the most important specialist conferences and exhibitions in the field of power electronics. It gives a deep insight into current research activities as well as a broad overview of new product developments. As a meeting place for researchers and engineers, I use it to network and to expand my contacts."

Stephane Lefebvre       Stéphane Lefebvre, SATIE, F
Best Paper Award winner 2008

"I participate in PCIM Europe each year since about 15 years. And if I had to attend only one conference each year it would be PCIM Europe. From my point of view, PCIM Europe is the conference that best combines purely industrial research with more academic developments. It perfectly highlights the applied research in the field of power electronics. It is also the place where the most important industrial innovations are presented. Finally, the exhibition is certainly unique in the world and allows both to make contacts but also to be informed on the latest trends in power electronics."

Sebastian Liebig        Sebastian Liebig, SET Power Systems, D
Best Paper Award winner 2011

“The PCIM is the most important networking event for me. Customers, suppliers, research partners, experts and former colleagues are present.”

Jérémy Martin        Jérémy Martin, CEA Tech, F
Young Engineer Award winner 2009

"PCIM builds the link between the power components manufacturers, and research-engineers which gives a very pragmatic aspect to the exhibition. PCIM takes a look pronounced on the practical aspects of power components implementation, which can be directly used by research-engineers in their power converters designs. From my point of view, PCIM remains a reference and may well be the reference in Europe for industrial research in power electronics."

Christoph Marxgut    

Christoph Marxgut, Siemens, D
Young Engineer Award winner 2016 

"To me, the PCIM is not only a great opportunity to get in touch with cutting-edge research but also to meet old colleges and friends. So, whenever it is possible I will happily come to Nuremburg and enjoy a few days within the power electronic community."

Anna Meyer        Anna Mayer, Siemens, D
Young Engineer Award winner 2011

"The PCIM Europe is a "must-attend" event for people working in power electronics. It is the perfect opportunity to meet former colleagues and establish new contacts as well. Both, the exhibition and the conference give an overview of future technologies and trends in all sectors of power electronics."

Radoslava Mitova

Radoslava Mitova, Schneider Electric, F
Young Engineer Award winner 2013

"The place where one can see the most important players and achievements in the field of power electronics in the world." 

Matthias Neumeister        Matthias Neumeister, Siemens, D
Young Engineer Award winner 2008

"The PCIM is a wonderful chance to talk with another experts.”

Christian Nöding        Christian Nöding, University of Kassel, D
Best Paper Award winner 2010

"As a researcher at the University of Kassel the scientific exchange is one of the most important tasks next to the daily work in the laboratory or the lecture hall. The conference at the PCIM is a good establishment to get informed of the newest trends and the work of other industrial or academic R&D groups and the discussions next to the presentations or posters is very helpful to get feedback on the own work. For this reason we are again taking the opportunity to present our work even in 2017 and discuss it at the conference."

Marinus Petersen        Marinus Petersen, Jungheinrich, D
Young Engineer Award winner 2015

"The combination of the conference and the exhibition makes the PCIM so exceptional. It brings together people from science and industry and provides important impulses for the daily work in research and development."

Jan Richter       Jan Richter, Batemo, D
Young Engineer Award winner 2015

"Today the PCIM Europe is an important conference for me and our start-up company Batemo GmbH i.G. to get in touch with customers […].“

Benjamin Sahan        Benjamin Sahan, Infineon, D
Best Paper Award winner 2009

"PCIM Europe has evolved over the last 10 years from a more application orientated conference to a great mixture between scientific, application and product related topics.”

André Schön        André Schön
Young Engineer Award winner 2015

"The PCIM is one of the best power electronic conferences on Europe."

Martel Tsirinomeny        Martel Tsirinomeny, EPFL, F
Best Paper Award winner 2014

"The PCIM is more than an international conference and exhibition; it offers you the best opportunity for community dialogues and networking."

Hidekazu Umeda        Hidekazu Umeda, Panasonic, J
Young Engineer Award winner 2014

"I think that PCIM Europe is very worthful exhibition and conference […]."

Dorothea Werber        Dorothea Werber, Infineon, D
Best Paper Award winner 2015

"The PCIM Nürnberg exhibition and conference is the leading annual event, where future trends in power electronics are demonstrated."

Gang Yang        Gang Yang, Valeo Electrical System, F
Young Engineer Award winner 2014

"I am the young engineer award winner at the PCIM 2014 conference and I am very glad to be invited to participate into the 10th year anniversary. The award itself is a high affirmation of my ability and technical skills by colleagues from the power electronics industry. My career goes up very fast, and I was promoted to Hardware Team Leader in 2015 and then to the Platform Architect responsible for the hardware of whole Valeo Charger platform from 2016.
PCIM offers a good platform for power electronics engineers and companies to present their latest advancements during the meeting. The audience benefits a lot from the conferences, seminars and exhibitions where the recent advanced technologies are displayed. I noticed that PCIM is setting up conferences outside Europe and I hope PCIM can continue to expand its international influences. Best wishes for the future of PCIM!"

Marco Bock        Marco Bock
Young Engineer Award winner 2008 
Dayana El Hage        Dayana El Hage
Young Engineer Award winner 2010 
Eckart Hoene        Eckart Hoene
Best Paper Award winner 2013 
Hari Babu Kotte        Hari Babu Kotte
Young Engineer Award winner 2012
Luc Lowinsky        Luc Lowinsky
Young Engineer Award winner 2008
Andreas Munding        Andreas Munding
Young Engineer Award winner 2010 
Keiji Okumura        Keiji Okumura
Best Paper Award winner 2012 
Nicolas Quentin       

Nicolas Quentin
Best Paper Award winner 2016 

Marek Siatkowski        Marek Siatkowski
Young Engineer Award winner 2012 
Vinoth Kumar Sundaramoorthy
      Vinoth Kumar Sundaramoorthy
Young Engineer Award winner 2014 
Hitoshi Uemura        Hitoshi Uemura
Young Engineer Award winner 2011 
Daniel Wigger        Daniel Wigger
Young Engineer Award winner 2013 
Roland Zeichfüßl        Roland Zeichfüßl
Young Engineer Award winner 2009 


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