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CeramTec GmbH

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CeramTec GmbH
CeramTec-Weg 1
95615 Marktredwitz

Phone: +49-9231-69-0
Fax: +49-9231-62409

About us

The CeramTec Group is an international leading supplier of advanced ceramics with annual sales of 501 million Euro and 3600 employees in Europe, Asia and America. With a tradition of more than 100 years, CeramTec serves major markets with innovative products, including the electronics, automotive, medical technologies, machinery, metalworking, chemical as well as the energy and environmental industries.
As a manufacturer of substrates, circuit carriers and core materials made of alumina and aluminum nitride, CeramTec plays a crucial role in every area of the electronics world. These components are highly versatile and enjoy widespread use in almost all sectors of the industry from automotive engineering to high-performance electronics and optoelectronics, aerospace technology or telecommunications

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Highly-efficient Cooling Concept for SiC and Other Power Semiconductors
CeramTec offers advanced cooling concepts that enable a significant reduction in thermal resistance and thus thermal conductivity of 750 W/cm2 across the surface and point-to-point, including solutions that can handle several hundred watts. As the name implies, with „Chip-on-Heatsink“ technologies the conductor paths are directly metalized on the heat-sink without any further thermal interfaces. The power semiconductors are directly applied by soldering or sintering. The heatsink itself is air or liquid cooled, which makes it possible to handle maximum power in the most compact of spaces. In addition to classic thick-film conductive pastes with fine structures (200µ pitch), it is also possible to create electrically connected areas with thick copper metalization (up to 1mm) on the same substrate. In other words, this is the first time ICs such as gate drivers or bus couplers have been incorporated together with the actual power semiconductor on a single substrate.


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