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J&D Electronics Co., Ltd.

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J&D Electronics Co., Ltd.
Dosim Knowledge Industry Center B-401, Deokso-ro 234, Wabu-eup
12275 Namyangju-si
South Korea

Phone: +82-31-577-2280
Fax: +82-31-601-8098

About us

J&D is a market leader in current and voltage sensors. Built with its advanced AI and IoT technology, J&D is launching products such as the Outdoor Waterproof Rogowski Coil CT, the Split-Core Power Metering CT, an Advanced Power Quality Meter, a Branch Circuit Power Meter and a Wireless Distribution Transformer Monitoring System.

The brand new PQ-CT Series, which consists of the JPS Series Split-Core CT and the JRFS-RM Series Rogowski coil CT, can be used for power quality monitoring and highly accurate revenue grade metering for both AC and DC current. J&D's new products are the best solution for smart grid applications such as MV / LV substations, power quality meters, energy meters, branch circuit meters, PV monitoring, motor quality diagnostics, Traction and data center,etc

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High-quality power and energy solutions by J&D
J&D developed a high precision power quality meter, JAGUAR 6300S, in situations that require precise accuracy and precise harmonics measurement. In order to satisfy the accuracy of IEC61000-4-30 Class A accuracy, the power quality meter manufactures such as Powerstandards and CTLab are already applying PQ-CT and PQ-RCT. JAGUAR 6300S, which creates synergy with PQ-CT and PQ-RCT, can satisfy the accuracy 0.2 Class under IEC61557-12 standards. And also, itís currently being certified IEC61000-4-30 Class S accuracy which is a standard for performance measuring and monitoring devices. J&Dís JAGUAR 6300 series is compatible with J&Dís CTs including PQCT and PQ-RCT, and also offers the huge range of various electrical parameters such as sag/swell, THD, crest factor, and K factor. It offers the data logging and wave capturing in real-time, enabling the precise power monitoring and analysis. By adding the option module, it supports the various features such as D/I, D/O or Ethernet communication.
DC Power and Energy solutions by J&D
For DC Power and Energy, J&D developed JAGUAR 1000D, which can use for metering application such in Solar Arrays, Vehicle Charging, Wind turbines. J&D DC meter JAGUAR 1000D is compatible with J&D Split-core DC current sensors and DC voltage sensors. It can measure different kinds of voltage, current, power and energy parameters, and it measures energy consumption and power usage of DC powered equipment. AC/DC meter JAGUAR 2000 and JHAO-SD series can solve issues of safety and accuracy which have always emerged in the railway industry. JAGUAR 2000 can measure AC or DC current without any external equipment. So, this feature saves time and cost in installing and measuring the meters in railway system, which requires different meters to be installed at each measuring point. JAGUAR 2000 was made as a cooperation with Mars-Energo, the leading instrument manufacturer in Russia. AC/DC energy meter JAGUAR 2000 is a series created in cooperation with Mars-Energo, the leading instrument manufacturer in Russia. J&D split-core hall effect current sensor, JHAO-SD series are an excellent optimized accessory for JAGUAR 2000. It can measure up to 5000A AC or DC without any external equipment, offering 0.5% of high accuracy. Also, J&D suggests many kinds of hall effect current sensors and voltage sensors using Open-loop or Closed-loop technology as the best solution for AC/DC energy meter.


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