20. - 22.02.2018
EMV 2018
International Exhibition and Conference on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)


Exhibition Topics

MessethemenEMV is Europe’s leading international exhibition and conference on electromagnetic compatibility. At EMV latest trends from research, development and the industriy is shown. It shows solution opportunities for current EMC-topics.







EMV offers products and services from the following fields of EMC:

  • Assembly- and electronic production
  • Automation technology
  • Automotive electronics
  • Drives technology
  • EMC for vehicles
  • EMC-Testing
  • E-mobility
  • ESD-Protection
  • Filters and Filtering Components
  • Intelligent buildings/homes
  • IT/data technology
  • Lightning and Overvoltage Protection
  • Mechatronics
  • Medicine technology
  • Services and others
  • Shielding
  • Simulation (Software and Insitutes)
  • Telecommunication and more