20. - 22.02.2018
EMV 2018
Internationale Fachmesse und Kongress für Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit


Workshop 9

Understanding EMC/Radio/Automotive standards -EM-Field related testing- (Basics)


Donnerstag, 22.02.2018, 09:00 - 12:00 Uhr


09:00 Understanding EMC/Radio/Automotive standards -EM-Field related testing- (Basics)
Dr.-Ing. Diethard Hansen, EURO EMC SERVICE (EES) Dr. Hansen Consulting, Berikon, Schweiz
In 3h we provide or refresh basic EMC/ Radio/Wireless/Automotive (ESA) lab testing background/knowledge. Focus is on electromagnetic (EM) field related testing, mostly a less understood topic. All is based on the author's worldwide industry and government experience (25+Y) in auditing and consulting.

Overview is on understanding physics/history/common principles in testing. Calibration, instruments, sensors, antennas and EM test sites (radiated emissions, immunity). Standard's limitations/agreed compromises in CE product compliance testing are explained. This issue is normally less understood in normative testing for EU manufacturer's declaration of conformity. Project risk assessment and ways to solutions become now more transparent. How to check the quality of ISO/EN 17025 test reports? Compliance (2016/1017 enforced EU-EMC, RED directives) will be discussed.

Important topics include: History, EMC Units including Decibels, Constants in physics, frequency spectrum (DC to daylight), simple EM-radiators, test antenna characteristics, near/far- field, spectrum and radiation efficiency of printed circuit boards, Real World properties of electronic components, relevant EMC standards, EMF, legislation/regulations, MRA, other applicable EU Directives, Tech.-Doc., Notified Body vs. non/harmonized standards, typical EMC Tests for Pre/Compliance Testing.

Based on existing knowledge, clients improve their basic understanding of EMC testing with focus on field-related tests.

All this will promote "help yourself" in the work-environment for all parties concerned, rather than just blindly searching for 10 golden EMC design rules leading to successful product compliance. Time permitting: Free internet "help tools" will be demonstrated.


Herr Dr. Diethard Hansen
Dr.-Ing. Diethard Hansen
EURO EMC SERVICE (EES) Dr. Hansen Consulting, Berikon, Schweiz
He has 25+ years of Professional Experience (Consultant/registered EU-Auditor/INARTE-US) in Electromagnetic (EM) Disturbance and Interference Control in Electronics. EMC, Automotive, Radio, Wireless, EM-Radiation-Hazards/Protection, LEMP, NEMP and related R&D, product regulatory compliance areas, commercial/government/military equipment, systems and large installations are all part of it.
160+ international technical papers/ 50+ Patents are assigned to him. Assessment of 400+ Test-Labs, Incl. EU-D EMC, RTTE/RED, Automotive- Active in international EM standards/regulations over 30 years