20. - 22.02.2018
EMV 2018
Internationale Fachmesse und Kongress für Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit


Workshop 8

EMC and Wireless, and impact of new Radio Equipment and EMC Directives


Donnerstag, 22.02.2018, 09:00 - 12:00 Uhr


09:00 EMC and Wireless, and impact of new Radio Equipment and EMC Directives
Prof. Dr. Frank Leferink, University of Twente, De Lutte, Niederlande
Wireless systems are being used and will be used everywhere. It is estimated that within a few years the number of connected devices will reach 28 Billion (by 2021). Wireless systems include traditional cellular and wireless LAN technologies but also connected cars and the Internet of Things. All need bandwidth and the availability of spectrum is very limited. Smart wireless systems are using diversity, including frequential, temporal, spatial as well as the coding domain to increase bandwidth, and reduced unwanted electromagnetic interference.
As the density of users in the spectrum increases, the potential for interference also increases. Also the risk of Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (I-EMI) increasingly becomes a reality and several governments are addressing the vulnerability of wireless communication to IEMI.
The Radio Equipment Directive (RED) requires that radio equipment shall be so constructed that it both effectively uses and supports the efficient use of radio spectrum in order to avoid harmful interference. As all equipment with a radio function, transmit as well as receive, are in the scope of RED, this has a huge impact. For example: a broadcast radio receiver is under RED, and not anymore under the EMCD. The same applies for a fridge with RFID functionality, or a laptop with WLAN functionality, or a machine with wireless functionality. In this workshop we will discuss the latest opinions of the EU and standardisation organisations: ETSI for RED and CENELEC for EMCD. We will discuss the key elements for improving EM-Coexistence and I-EMI, and show simulation and measurement data.


Professor Frank Leferink
Prof. Dr. Frank Leferink
University of Twente, De Lutte, Niederlande
Frank Leferink has been with THALES in The Netherlands since 1984 and is now the Technical Authority EMC. He is responsible for the EMC activities in the development of new radar systems and naval platforms. He is also the Manager of Excellence on EMC of the THALES Group. He is also part-time professor, Chair for EMC, at the University of Twente. He published over 300 papers in peer reviewed journals and conferences, and owns 5 patents. He is chair of the IEEE EMC Benelux Chapter, member of the TPC Asia-Pacific EMC, and ISC EMC Europe, and associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on EMC.