20. - 22.02.2018
EMV 2018
Internationale Fachmesse und Kongress für Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit


Workshop 2

Shielding in practice


Mittwoch, 21.02.2018, 09:00 - 12:00 Uhr


09:00 Shielding in practice
Prof. Dr. Frank Leferink, University of Twente, De Lutte, Niederlande
We will discuss briefly the standard shielding theory, but then many practical applications will be shown. The different shielding performance of conductive materials as well as mechanical and climatological aspects, i.e. corrosion, will be discussed. we will have a look at composite panels with metal fibers, carbon fibers, metal paint and conductive cloth. The main problem is the conductive connection between the conducting parts. Some practical guidance and applications will be presented. The effects of cable feed-throughs which can destroy the shielding performance of a cabinet or Faraday cage, the size and number of holes, the influence of seams, number of screws or rivets and the advantages of gaskets will be shown.
We will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various types of gaskets. During the course many practical situations (drawings, pictures), design rules and do's and don'ts will be shown. Shielding effectiveness measurement techniques, procedures and standards will be briefly discussed, as well as measurement results obtained with various metal and composite panels, gaskets, feedthroughs and cabinets.


Professor Frank Leferink
Prof. Dr. Frank Leferink
University of Twente, De Lutte, Niederlande
Frank Leferink has been with THALES in The Netherlands since 1984 and is now the Technical Authority EMC. He is responsible for the EMC activities in the development of new radar systems and naval platforms. He is also the Manager of Excellence on EMC of the THALES Group. He is also part-time professor, Chair for EMC, at the University of Twente. He published over 300 papers in peer reviewed journals and conferences, and owns 5 patents. He is chair of the IEEE EMC Benelux Chapter, member of the TPC Asia-Pacific EMC, and ISC EMC Europe, and associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on EMC.